Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S: This Is A Gentle Reminder

This might sound a bit old but we have decided to compare the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Apple iPhone 5S again. Consumers can consider this as a reminder on which phone to get. After all, the arrival of the iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 has dragged the prices of the S5 and 5S down, making them more affordable for the shoppers. So, which to buy?

Looking at the iPhone 5S, the device comes with a 4” display that runs at 1136x640p resolution. While this might not be as sharp as the 1080p resolution on the S5’s 5.1” display, the 5S’ scree is simply too small for consumers to notice the difference.

Design-wise, there is no way that the S5 can be better than the 5S. The former might come with some new styling but is still no match for latter’s sleek appearance and premium built quality.

Then there is the battle of photography. Samsung equipped the S5 with a 16MP rear camera that offers a wide range of colours. The S5’s camera did a very good job in preventing light from leaking from one pixel to another.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5S offers an 8MP rear camera. It might not be as large as the S5 but the photo quality is simply sublime. While it might not be able to rival the S5, the 8MP shooter comes with a very responsive and sensitive auto focus, thus, giving users a more pleasant point-and-snap experience.

The final and most important comparison is battery life. We left the iPhone 5S with 50% battery with WIFI, GPS and Bluetooth turned off, and it returned to us 14hours of average use before dying. Then there is the S5 which managed 17hours of usage even when we used it to continuously play videos. This seals the fact that the 2,800mAh battery on the latter is better than the 1,560mAh pack on the 5S.

Of course, there is no comparison on processors needed. This is because the S5 is faster but the 5S has better hardware-software integration. Price-wise, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is also much cheaper than the Apple iPhone 5S. In our books, the S5 is the winner in this contest.

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