Mass Effect 4: Will Online Mode Spoil The Game?

Bioware has confirmed that Mass Effect 4 is going to come with online multiplayer gameplay and many are worried for it. This is because every Mass Effect fan fear that the online gameplay will spoil the single player feel which Mass Effect is famous for.

Well, there is no need to worry any further since the online gameplay will only be offered in a separate mode. This will obviously be the case if one is to check out Dragon Age Inquisition. The latest title in the Dragon Age series too came out with online gameplay but it is offered in a separate mode and won’t have any effect on the single player mode.

Also, since both the Dragon Age series and Mass Effect series have a lot of similarities with each other, there is no doubt that the online mode in Mass Effect 4 will be identical to the one on Dragon Age Inquisition.

Of course, there is no way to confirm on the above since Bioware is reluctant to share any details about it. Even so, we are confident that Mass Effect 4’s online mode will be like Dragon Age Inquisition.

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