Mass Effect 4 Can Improve Fallout 4 Tremendously

Despite going through about 6 years of wait for Fallout 4, the status of the game remains unknown to the fans. Even so, the Fallout community never stop pouring ideas that can make Fallout 4 more awesome than its predecessors.

Then again, the best ideas are those that are heavily inspired by the Mass Effect franchise. In a matter of months from now, Bioware will be launching Mass Effect 4 and the game is confirmed to come with tons of new interactive features to offer.

Perhaps, Bethesda can learn a thing or two from Mass Effect 4 when developing Fallout 4. For starters, Fallout 4 should allow players to have companions that will stick with them until the end of the game.

With companions by the side, players should also be able to have a romantic relationship with a character. That will surely add more depth in Fallout 4.

More importantly, Fallout 4 should have a plot that lives up to the player’s decision. Unlike the Mass Effect series, every decision made in the world of Fallout does not influence the entire environment of the game. This is something Bethesda needs to consider adding as it will improve on the interactivity of Fallout 4 and offer a totally mesmerizing gaming experience.

Of course, taking ideas from Mass Effect 4 can spoil Fallout 4’s original offering. This is why we limit the inspirations to some instead of all the features. Blending the features in Mass Effect with those from the original Fallout series will surely turn Fallout 4 into one of the best games in history.

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