Marvel Avengers Alliance: Won’t Let The Name Go To Waste

With Marvel and the Avengers being all the rage right now, it does not surprise us that Disney would want to make the most out of it. So when Disney announce that they will be killing off the Marvel Avengers Alliance game and its sequel, the fans said that it will not be the end of the Marvel Avengers title.

According to Disney, the reason why they killed off both those games was because the games were not doing as well as they thought it will be and that they wanted to kill it off so that they can focus their time on a more promising game.

Well, some fans have speculated that now that the game is out, Disney might be working on a new Marvel Avenger game. Well, we hope they do.

Disney has been making some very controversial decision when it comes to their game. The fans were shocked when Disney reveal that they were going to kill off the Disney Infinity as the game still had a fairly large following.

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