Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Flop Open Doors For These Androids

With Samsung now issuing a seconds recall for the replacement unit, most people seems to think that it is the end for Samsung and their Note series this year. Now that the biggest contender is out of the race, which other Android smartphone is worthy enough to take its spot?

Well, if screen size and a stylus are not really your main concern here, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The 5.5inch display is only slightly smaller than the 5.7inch that the Note 7 is offering. It still looks great, comes with tons of the features and has been getting some pretty positive feedbacks.

If having a huge display is still your number one priority, you might want to consider the LG V20 or if you are confident that you will not be taking your smartphone anywhere near a water source, the Google Pixel XL is another great option to consider.

Steven Estevez

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