MacBook Pro 2016: Your Move, Surface Pro 5

While the Surface tablet and the MacBook Pro is both different devices, that has not stopped people from comparing the two. In fact, it actually does make sense since a MacBook Pro owners will most like not get the Surface Pro ad a Surface Pro users will not see the need in getting a MacBook Pro.

We are still waiting for Apple to reveal the specs for the upcoming new MacBook Pro and new rumors are now suggesting that the MacBook Pro will come with a new tech called the Magic Toolbar.

A lot of people believe that the new Magic Toolbar could be the new OLED panel that everybody has been talking about. The new OLED panel will replace the standard function key on the MacBook Pro. It is also believed that the OLED panel will come with the Touch ID as well.

Apple has clearly made their move, how do you think Microsoft will answer?

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