LG V20 More Like A G6 Than V10 Successor

The LG V10 was a huge hit and because of that, a lot of Android users are actually looking forward to seeing what LG has in store for them this year. Well, we know that they are working on a new LG V20 but is it really an LG V10 successor.

From what we have heard, the upcoming LG V20 will be coming in with a new all metal design that looks almost like the LG G5 that LG released earlier this year. They will be keeping the dual camera setup in the back. It looks like the fingerprint reader will also be fitted on the back panel.

While LG has not revealed where the LG V20 will be getting any modules or not, Android Authority depiction of the device seems to suggest that the V20 will be coming with a bottom that likes like the G5 which means it could support modules as well.

So far, the V20 is sounding like an upgrade G5 instead of a V10 successor and that has gotten us worried. The LG V20 will be announced on the 6th of September in San Francisco.


Steven Estevez

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