2018 Honda CR-V On Alone In Hybrid Future?

While the 2017 Honda CR-V will not be offering their customers a hybrid option, the 2018 model will be coming with one. Now that Honda seems to be confident that their hybrid models will sell, will we seeing a few more hybrid options from the other Honda models?

We know that the Honda Accord will be offering a hybrid option this year as well. From the looks of it, Honda is looking to have most of their top models offer a hybrid option. If that is the, will the Honda Civic be offering a hybrid option as well?

Honda made no indication that they plan to offer a Honda Civic Hybrid in the near future but looking at what Honda is working on right now, some fans seems to believe that a hybrid powered Civic might arrive in the near future.

While having more options to choose from is nice, do you really think that a Honda Civic Hybrid would work in the current market?

Steven Estevez

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