Shadow of Mordor 2 Not Ready Or Not Happening?

One of the most anticipate games to see at E3 this year was Shadow of Mordor 2. Although the developer never did indicated that they were going to announce the sequel at the show or hinted that a sequel for being developed, most poeple believe that it is and was fairly disappointed when no news about the sequel was released at E3 2016.

While some are convinced that we all got it wrong and that the developers never had the intention to make a sequel to the game, others think that maybe the developers was just not ready to show it off yet.

Most developers would prefer to show off their game when they are close to completing it and maybe Shadow of Mordor 2 just wasn’t ready. Rumors about a sequel have been going around for some time now but people started taking it more seriously when one actress listed Shadow of Mordor 2 on here resume.

All we can do now is wait and hope that Warner Bros will have more details for us.

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