LG Nexus 6: There’s Still Hope

If you were hoping that the LG Nexus 6 would be coming our way you might want to remain hopeful as we don’t yet know who is going to be behind the latest version of the Nexus.

It would be great to see the LG Nexus 6 and we have heard it said that the handset may possibly be based around the LG G3. When it arrives it would be a lot for welcome than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Rumours have it that the LG Nexus 6 may arrive with a display that is more than 5 inches and which is QHD resolution. We have also heard that the handset may be dust and water resistant and feature a battery around 3000mAh or bigger.

The LG Nexus 6 is said to be the first device on Android to offer the 64 bit processor from Qualcomm or Intel.

At the moment there isn’t confirmation that the next Nexus handset is going to be the LG Nexus 6, but then LG and Google haven’t denied it either.

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