LG G5 To LG V20: No Reason To Make The Jump

The LG V20 comes with a bigger screen and will come running on the new Android 7.0 Nougat but we do not think that that is enough reason for people to make the switch from the LG G5 to the LG V20.

The LG G5 was a slight disappointment mainly because of all the hype about the modules. The actual modules were not that exciting and the people felt like they were let down but the fact is that it is still a great smartphone.

If you are hoping to own a smartphone with a larger display, upgrading to the LG V20 would make sense but if you are fine with the current LG G5 display screen size, there is really no reason to make the switch.

Others might say that users will benefit from the secondary screen feature and camera of the LG V20. Would you switch to the new LG V20 when the device arrives?

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