LG G Flex 3 Looking At CES 2017

We were not the only ones that were disappointed when LG did not announce a new LG G Flex 3 device this year. We thought that the device was going to be announced alongside the LG V20 at IFA but that did not happen.

While most people believe that LG might have axed the device to focus on the new LG V20 others think that the LG G Flex 3 might not be dead yet. Even though the LG G Flex 2 did not do so well last year, the series still has a huge following so it is a little odd if LG does decide to kill it off.

There were rumors about the LG G Flex 3 possibly making an appearance at CES next year. We are hoping that that would happen but our advice will be to take it all with a pinch of salt for now until more details are released.

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