LG G Flex 3: Is There Still Hope

We can forget about seeing the LG G Flex 3 device this year but some fans still think that it is not over for the curved screen device yet. While LG has never promised that there is going to be an LG G Flex 3 device, most people assume that there will be and that the device would be arriving this year but that did not happen.

The only flagships we got from LG this year was the LG V20 as well as the LG G5. Fans were shocked when the Flex 3 was not announced alongside the V20 and some of them figured that LG might have decided to axe it after the disappointing LG G Flex 2.

However, others believe that LG won’t be killing it off yet and that they might announce it early next year. There are also a few fans that think that we might see it at CES next year. It would be a pity to see the curved screen device go.

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