LEGO Worlds Is Basically Minecraft On Steroids

If you enjoyed Minecraft, you will probably enjoy what LEGO has to offer in their new LEGO Worlds game.

After all the teasing, the developers of the LEGO Worlds game has finally announced that the new game will be released in 2017. Just like Minecraft, you will be able to build whatever you want in the open-world and destroy everything if that is what you want.

Players can build structures, vehicles, customize characters and more. You can also create new creatures and fill ur world up with it. It will be like your very own Fantastic Beast universe in there.

You can also get together with your friends to build your own world online. The game will officially be released on the Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One on the 24th of February next year.

There will also be a LEGO Agent DLC pack which will be released on the PS4 90 days before the other platforms.

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