Microsoft Lumia 950: Would A Different Design Make Any Difference

It is clear that the Microsoft Lumia 950 was not as successful as Microsoft was hoping it would be and while most people put the blame on Microsoft and their Windows 10, others are saying that it was because of the design.

We do see why Microsoft ended up with the design they have now. Since they are trying to appeal to the business users, have a more down to earth design would be the way to go but the downside to it all is that the Microsoft Lumia 950 will easily get overshadowed by all the other flashy smartphones in the market.

Maybe if Microsoft had gone for something like this, things would have been better? The concept here was design by artist Lucas Silva and we think that he managed to balance business and style nicely with this design.

At this point, we do not know what Microsoft has planned for their smartphone lineup although a lot of people seems to believe that the Surface Phone is next.

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