Legend Of Zelda: World War 3 Almost Happened

The one thing we know about Zelda and their fans is that it is better to stick to what it is and not change too much of it. The game meant so much to the fan that any big change would cause a huge uproar and that would have happened if Nintendo decided they wanted to take the risk.

Nintendo showed off some of the earlier concept air of Zelda at GDC this year. The art did not make it at the end but we could imagine how angry the fans would be if it did.

The art showed a modern Link holding an electric guitar, riding a bike and wearing jeans and a track jacket. As interesting as the idea is, we don;t think the fans would welcome the change.

Well, all is good now. We have already seen parts of the game thanks to some early access video and everything seems to be what the fans envision. You can check out the concept art on Nintendo of America’s Twitter page here.

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