Legend of Zelda Wii U Confirmed to Feature Link

There has been much speculation around the internet this week regarding Link’s real identity, due to the comment that series producer, Eiji Aunoma has told Venture Beat. A comment that implied the character shown in the reveal trailer may not have been Link.

However, during an interview with MMGN, Aunoma has confirmed that the character shown wearing a blue tunic and wielding a bow is indeed Link.

Actually that comment I made jokingly. It’s not that I said that it wasn’t Link. It’s that I never said that it was Link. It’s not really the same thing, but I can understand how it could be taken that way.

Aunoma has also ruled out the possibility of Link being a female character.

“It seems like it has kind of taken off where people are saying ‘oh it’s a female character’ and it just kind of grew. But my intent in saying that [was humour].”

It is now apparent that his original words have been taken completely out of context. He believes that when creating a trailer for a Legend of Zelda game, “you have to show Link.”

Legend of Zelda Wii U is a brand new exclusive title from Nintendo and is set for release within 2015.


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