Left 4 Dead 3: How Far Into Development Is It?

There are many gamers who are waiting to hear about Left 4 Dead 3 and fans have been left disappointed when the people behind Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock, chose to leave Valve. So is there going to be a new game and if so is it in development already and how far is it along?

Phil Robb who was behind the Turtle Rock game said that the Valve partnership came to an end as they wanted to focus their attention on a new game, this is going to be Evolve. So where does this leave Left 4 Dead 3? He went on to say that this game is going to be a lot like Left 4 Dead as you will have to work alongside one another in the game.

So at the moment Turtle Rock doesn’t seem to be intent on offering a Left 4 Dead 3 and this is a shame as there are many people out there waiting for its release. On the other hand they haven’t flat out said that they will not be working on the game at all in the future. So perhaps once they have launched Evolve we will see it arrive?

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