Land Rover Defender: What’s It Like To Go All Out

The Land Rover Defender you see in the image here is not a concept design but a real model although you won’t be able to find one at the dealers now. Called the Land Rover Defender SV, the vehicle was created by the guys over at Jaguar Land Rover’s in-house customs tuning shop.

On a first glance, it might look like a snowmobile but it is definitely not although it can be if it wanted to. The Land Rover Defender SVX was made to handle some of the most extreme off-roads. To make sure it is strong enough, the vehicle is fitted with rim bolted tires and more.

There is only a limited amount of these vehicles on the road and those that are out there are either sitting comfortably in a collection garage or are waiting to go on stage on some car event. The one seen here belongs to collector and journalist Harry Metcalfe.

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