Shadow of Mordor 2: Taking Little A Little Further

It is nice to know about the things that are happening inside of Mordor before it all started but the fans of the Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth are tired of Mordor and are now asking for the developers to allow them to travel outside of Mordor in the new Shadow of Mordor game.

We still do not know if there is ever going to be a Shadow of Mordor 2 but some leaks and report do seem to suggest that a sequel might be happening. Some fans have already started talking about the things they would like to see in the game and one suggestion that stands out was their request to have the other parts of Middle Earth in the game.

We do not know if that would work well with the story of Shadow of Mordor or not but it would be nice to see the other parts of Middle Earth other than Mordor. Some fans are also hoping that the Nemesis system would come with a few new features.

If Monolith does decide to release a new Shadow of Mordor game, what would you like to see? Protection Status