Kingdom Hearts 3: Walt Disney Overshadows Sora

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently in production by Square Enix and it will be introducing many new worlds and characters into the game. Even the game developer has revealed that they are pushing to acquire the rights to add in characters from Star Wars and Marvel into the upcoming title.

Now there is a new name being buzzed about and it is Walt Disney himself. The founding fathers of Disney is rumoured to come with a role as a deity in the Kingdom Hearts 3 as he guides Sora on how to defeat the darkness in the game. The suggestion was made in the form of a video and you can view it above.

Some fans even went as far as suggesting that the perfect way to introduce Walt Disney is through the death of Sora. Perhaps, at one part of the game, the protagonist got killed in action. His soul wandered in the nether world before being greeted by Walt Disney. The legendary icon then did some magic to give Sora a second chance in life.

Then again, doing so will only kill Walt Disney’s reputation. The fellow has already passed away and it is better to leave him resting in peace. The idea, however, sounds great. Who knows? Maybe Square Enix might use Tetsuya Nomura as the deity in the game.