Kingdom Hearts 3: Premonition Confirms On Debut Date

It is no secret that Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently getting produced by Square Enix but little is known on when the game will get released. This is until today when Baba Venga teased that Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming on August 28, 2015.

The gifted elder lady had just got a vision of the future and she saw a third title in a very popular gaming franchise getting released on that specific date. Of course, Baba Vanga didn’t exactly mention Kingdom Hearts 3.

Even so, it is pretty obvious that the game in Baba Vanga’s vision is the one being created by Square Enix at the moment. There is no chance for it to be Half Life 3 as Valve has yet to develop the game at all.

While it may be best to take the vision with a pinch of salt, there is a chance for Baba Vanga to be spot on with her vision. After all, her premonitions on the 1998 stock market collapse and the 9/11 terror attack has all come true. Protection Status