Kingdom Hearts 3: D23 Expo Preview!

Square Enix has promised plenty of reveals for Kingdom Hearts 3 happening at the upcoming D23 Expo. While the game developer has yet to share on what the reveals will consist of, we can already expect the following to happen.

First and foremost, Square Enix is going to give all of us a first look at Kingdom Hearts 3. In other words, the game developer will finally release a footage of the game at the event and this will allow the fans to study Kingdom Hearts 3’s graphics. Let’s just hope it looks exactly like the leak screenshot that surfaced earlier this year.

Of course, everyone will be looking forward to hear about Kingdom Hearts 3’s release date. This is something everyone can’t wait to know and it is expected to get announced at D23. The annual event will be making its return next month and it will spill every bean on Kingdom Hearts 3.

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