Is The Kia Niro Scared Of Its Hybrid Nature?

According to Kia, the Kia Niro is game changing, fun, spacious and more but what they forgot to mention was that it is hybrid. This is not just any hybrid either but Kia’s first dedicated hybrid vehicle. So why is Kia so afraid of telling the world.

Maybe because they are so late to the hybrid game that they think it is no longer a selling point but it is still odd that all the ads for the Kia Niro do not mention that it is a hybrid vehicle.

According to Kia’s Steve Carter, they wanted to make sure their customers only have positive thoughts when they think of the Niro and added that there is still some negativity when it comes to hybrid models.

It seems like they feel like highlighting the fuel economy of the vehicle will be more than enough to convince their customers that the Kia Niro is worth a second look.

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