iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Won’t Be Converting Any Android Users [REPORT]

The latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are by far two of the best products that Apple has ever produced. However, a study revealed that both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are not able to wow the Android users at all.

The research was conducted by CIRP 80% of smartphones purchased within the iPhone 6’s first month are the Apple devices. This is a massive jump from 65% last year. However, the gain in percentage was mostly due old iPhone users upgrading to a new model.

Out of the many iPhone buyers, about two-third of them purchased the iPhone 6 while the remaining one-third got themselves the iPhone 6 Plus. The study also confirmed that most iPhone users from generation 4 devices jumped straight into getting the iPhone 6 Plus. Apparently, the folks have been waiting for a large iPhone to get released.

For the smaller percentage of new iPhone 6 users that derived from the Android community, a whopping 90% of them settled for the iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, the figures immediately dropped after the 30-days study is completed.

The research done by CIRP is really helpful, although, it is only done in the US market. It is unsure if the same statistics can be applied in other countries where the Android devices are more favoured when compared to the Apple.

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