iPhone 6 Release Date May Happen Sooner Than Expected After 5S Price Gorge

The price tags are coming down on the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C and this has led to hopes being raised that we could see the release of the Apple iPhone early.

Over at MacMall, Walmart and Best Buy the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C prices have been coming down. Walmart started their sales way back in December as the holidays approached when they offered the Apple iPhone 5C for just $27 alongside a contract of two years. The device used to come in at $99. Other retailers dropped the price even though it was only launched by Apple in September of 2013.

The Apple iPhone 5C at Walmart was dropped from $79 to $45 and at New Years the handset was available for $45 with a gift card of $75.

Walmart started to offer the Apple iPhone 5S for $127, it used to be $199. While the 16GB version of the Apple iPad Mini was $299 along with a $50 gift card.

Best Buy has the Apple iPhone 5 on for $124 with a two-year contract and this meant savings of $75. MacMall offered the 32GB version of the Apple iPhone 5S for $120, while the 16GB version came in at $20.

Around the holidays it isn’t that unusual for price drops to occur, however usually Apple SRP is tightly controlled by Apple. Even so the Apple iPhone 5C price tag has dropped and it has done ever since the device was released.

This drop in price has led to rumours that Apple could reveal the Apple iPhone 6 soon. There has been speculation that the Apple iPhone 6 may arrive with a larger display. This could be about 4.8 inches to 6 inches. The device could have the 64-bit processor, M7 graphics and fingerprint scanner. The latter was seen on the Apple iPhone 5S when it came out. Apple applied for a patent that leads us to believe that the iPhone 6 may arrive with a curved display.

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