iPad 4 Review: The Good & The Bad

The Apple iPad 4 is an old device that has been re-released to act as a cheaper alternative for those who wish to own a tablet made by the Cupertino-based company. The device is slim, portable and neat, which makes it an appealing tablet to own.

Looking at the display, the iPad 4 runs on high resolution of 2048x1536p. There is support of an external keyboard. The tablet is also decently powered and can easily be described as a typical iPad device.

On the downside of things, the iPad 4 has its own flaws. Among them includes lightning ports that are not backward compatibles and no support for external storage space. Even if the iPad 4 is refurbished, the price is still considered to be steep by many. After all, users can get a powerful Android tablet for that same budget.

Spec-wise, the iPad 4 features a 9.7” display that is powered by a 1.4GHz dual-core Apple Swift CPU with 1GB of RAM. There is also a 5MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front shooter. The internal storage starts at 16GB and is capped at 128GB.

Today, the iPad 4 64GB is the only model left being offered by Apple. It retails at $700 and does not come with a contract.


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