HTC 10 Successor Not Looking To Share The Spotlight

We do not know if HTC is working on an HTC 10 successor or not but what we do know right now is that HTC will have something big to announce next year and that they do not want to share the spotlight with anybody else.

HTC has just announced that they will be announcing something on the 12th of January this year. The 12th is after the CES event in Las Vegas which means they are intentionally avoiding it. Maybe they do not want to be drown out by all the other announcement.

The Event is said to be “For U” but they did not reveal the product that they plan to announce. A lot of people believe that it could be a new flagship smartphone to replace the HTC 10 but others think that we might be seeing their new VR headset or wearable product.

The announcement is lass than a month away so let’s wait and see what happens.

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