HTC 11: Samsung Better Watch Out


Even though HTC has just released their new U Ultra flagship smartphone, they already have another one waiting in the shadow. While we still do not know what the new flagship will be called, fans believe that it will be the HTC 11 smartphone. The HTC 11 will be coming in to replace the HTC … Read more

HTC 10 Successors Already In The Works


Despite everything the HTC 10 has to offer, it did not do as well as HTC wanted it to and since then, things have been very quiet on the side of HTC. This has led to many of their fans speculating that HTC might be thinking about taking a step back from the smartphone industry … Read more

HTC 10: No Better Time Than Now


If you are still on the fence about getting the HTC 10, will a $200 price cut convince you to get the HTC 10 right now? If it would, you might want to check out HTC’s Black Friday deals right now. HTC has announced that they will be offering their HTC 10 for only $499 … Read more Protection Status