Honda Pilot & Fit Taking Fuel Saving Even Further

The more gears you have, the more fuel you save or at least that is what the automakers are thinking as they continue to work on the transmission with more gears. It has been reported that Honda has just filed a patent for an 11-speed transmission and will be using three clutches.

According to AutoGuide, the transmission will come with 11 gears and will use three clutches. It is believed that the third clutch is there to reduce the drop in torque that the dual clutch version seems to have.

The extra gears will help improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. Although we do not know when Honda will be offering the 11 speed three clutch transmissions, some people think that we could be seeing it in the Honda Fit so that it can be even more fuel efficient.

Others think that the transmission will be fitted in their larger models like the Pilot so that they can improve the fuel economy of the vehicle.

Steven Estevez

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