Honda Civic Type-R Has No Place For CVT

All eyes are on the Honda Civic Type R this year and since Honda made sure they release as little information as they can before its official debut, fans have been going crazy with all the speculation and rumor.

One rumor that seems to be getting a lot of attention was the rumor that suggested that the Honda Civic Type R will be coming in with a CVT or a dual-clutch transmission. Fans were not too happy with the CVT transmission rumors but it looks like there is nothing to worry about as Honda stepped out to address the rumors.

According to Honda, the Honda Civic Type R will not be coming with a CVT transmission. In fact, the Type R will not be coming with a dual-clutch transmission as well as Honda made it clear that the Honda Civic Type will be offered exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission only.

We still do not know what engine Honda will be using this time around but it is believed that we could be seeing the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 engine that should be offering about 300hp.

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