Half Life 3 Status Depends On Source 2’s Development

Half Life fans have witnessed two American presidents taking the oath throughout the wait for Half Life 3 and there is still no sign of the game coming. If there is an entity to be blamed for this, it is Source 2.

The next-generation game engine is currently being developed by Valve and until it is completed, there is no way for the game developer to produce Half Life 3. After all, the highly anticipated sequel needs to be optimized for the next-gen gaming hardwares and running on an old game engine won’t be sufficed.

Then again, the biggest problem is that Valve is not going all-out with Source 2’s development. The company has been particularly busy in publishing B-grade titles on Steam that leaves the status of Source 2 hanging on a thread.

Until Valve announces the completion of Source 2, Half Life 3 will continue to be a subject of rumours like how it is for the past decade. So if you’re a Half Life fan, it is best you push Valve into developing Source 2.


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