Half Life 3: Queued Behind Source 2

Every Half Life fans know that Half Life 3’s release is inevitable. This is despite of the fact that Valve has yet to announce anything on the highly anticipated sequel. When Half Life 3 gets released, fans wish for Valve to explain on the long wait for the game, which has now stretched past the decade mark.

Then again, there is already some certainty that the fault is actually with Valve and the Source 2 game engine. With the gaming hardwares already soared to new heights, it is unforgivable if Half Life 3 is to run on the old Source game engine.

As such, Source 2 is needed if Valve is to produce Half Life 3. It doesn’t need a brain surgeon to figure out that with Source 2, Half Life 3’s development will be on stagnant water. Then again, fans are hurt to see that Source 2 development is suffering from a lot of pauses.

Apparently, Valve it too focused on publishing B-grade games over at Steam that they couldn’t spend a little attention with Source 2. With the next-gen game engine’s development not progressing, it will only delay Half Life 3’s production further.

The solution is simple. Valve needs to give Source 2 their undivided attention. Once the new game engine is completed, it will take no time for the game developer to produce Half Life 3.

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