2015 Fisker Ford Mustang: Henrik’s Ambition Lives On

Henrik Fisker is an ambitious guy that is not immune from failures. Just last year, the Fisker automotive company was sold over to a Chinese firm due to poor sales. However, this does not stop Henrik Fisker doing that one thing he loves and that is producing cars.

Now, the lad is back in the spotlight after creating his very own custom tuned model of the latest Ford Mustang. Known as the Fisker Mustang, the sports sedan was developed together with the aid of Galpin Auto Sports.

Unlike the original Mustang, the Fisker’s version of the car came with a different styling that is inspired by the old 1968 Shelby GT500. The design modification was done through moulding carbon fibre and it features an elongated hood with two massive intakes, a carbon-fiber hexagonal grille, re-sculpted fenders, a new decklid with integrated rear spoiler, and a beefy rear diffuser.

The overall result is a more lowered Ford Mustang with a modern vintage racer appearance. Under the hood, the Fisker Mustang is powered by a supercharged V8 that produces a whopping 725hp. To complete the package, the muscle car drives on 21” wheels with Pirelli Zero rubber.

Fisker revealed that his version of the Ford Mustang is simply to restore the spirit of the old 1968 Shelby GT500 in the vehicle. With so much power to offer, Fisker has truly delivered a menacing Ford Mustang that the world has missed for decades now.


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