Guardian Of The Galaxy Will Be Broken In Parts

We are not talking about the upcoming Guardian of the Galaxy movie but the upcoming Guardian of the Galaxy game by Telltale. While talks about a Guardian of the Galaxy game have been going around for some time now, Telltale only confirmed it last week when they were at the Game Awards.

According to Telltale, the new Guardian of the Galaxy game will be an episodic game. There will be five parts to the story and we will be seeing the first episode in early 2017.

We do not know what the game will be about or how it is going to be like but what we do know is that Telltale has been working on the game since 2015 since that was when they hinted that they were working on a new Marvel game which means we should be seeing the game real soon.

As for whether the game will be tied in with the new Guardian of Galaxy movie, that is still a huge mystery.

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