2017 BMW M4 GTS: A Little Too Much

We all thought that the BMW M4 GTS was going to arrive as some sort of limited edition model but that is not the case at all.

When BMW first announce the BMW M4 GTS, they also announce that they will only be making less than 500 units worldwide although they later change the numbers to 700 units of the BMW M4 GTS. However, according to BimmerPost, there will definitely be more than 700 units around.

According to the report, the actual VIN numbers of the produced BMW M4 GTS suggest that there will be about more than 800units of the BMW M4 GTS around. 803 units for the customers while an additional 27 unit will be used for promotional purposes.

While 800 is still not a lot, it is definitely more than what BMW had planned to offer in the beginning. With the kind of audience they are catering to, do you think 800 might be too much?

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