GTA 5 Zombies DLC Status Update: Waiting For The End To Come

Regardless of which platform gamers are on, Rockstar has yet to introduce a post-apocalyptic DLC for GTA 5. Well, the highly anticipated content is expected to arrive soon after a hacker discovered source code titled “main zombie” inside GTA 5’s files.

While it might not be official, the leak confirms that Rockstar is indeed working on a Zombie-themed DLC and fans can expect it to be a lot like the one on Red Dead Redemption. Furthermore, the hacker has been spot on with his recent findings related to GTA 5 and the Zombie DLC will look to add to his list.

Some might wonder by now on how the zombies will work? Will they spawn at random? Will they be an added mission? Or will the Zombie DLC be a new game mode? We believe it is the latter as Rockstar likes the idea of putting players together as they strive to survive waves after waves of zombie attacks.

Then again, a rumour is still a rumour so it is best to take the above with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, the arrival of Zombie DLC is inevitable and fans can look forward to playing at the dawn of 2015.


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