The Possibility For 2016 Ford Mustang To Boast 470+hp Is Immense

The latest Ford Mustang has proved to the world yet again, why it is a force to be reckoned with. The car runs on a powerful 5L V8 engine that is port-injected. This ensures that the Mustang is able to generate 444hp.

With Ford already starting the works on the next-gen Mustang that is due to arrive in 2016, there is a possibility that the car can offer power beyond the 470hp mark. Our car technician revealed that this can simply be done by switching the port-injection technology with direct-injection.

Having petrol burning on demand will not only increase responsiveness, but also make the Mustang more powerful than ever. Together with a lighter body and a more compact structure, the future Mustang will surely be able to break past the 470hp mark and even reach out to 500hp in figures.

Some rumours are pointing out that Ford intend to do so by equipping the Mustang with a 5.2L Coyote-based V8 that can easily develop 540-570hp. Despite being a rumour, this is one idea where we cannot overlook.

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