GTA 5 Zombies DLC Nearing Release?

For more than a year now, GTA 5 players have been kept waiting for Rockstar to produce a post-apocalyptic-themed DLC. Well, this may look to happen very soon from now.

A well-known hacker went back inside GTA 5’s source code and discovered a placeholder file added in the last update and it carries the name “main_ZMB”. It seems pretty clear that ‘ZMB’ means zombie.

Of course, there is not enough evidence to support the claims where Rockstar is going to launch a Zombie DLC in the next update. However, it is worth considering that the hacker has been spot on with every GTA 5 discovery thus far and this could be true as well.

Rockstar is not a stranger in developing Zombie DLC as they have already created one for their other gaming title, Red Dead Redemption. Nevertheless, the bigger question is left unanswered. When will the Zombie DLC arrive? Stay tuned as we will update this page when the information is out.


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