Google Pixel: Still Hanging On

The Google Pixel certainly went from being the phone of the year to nothing. While the Google Pixel was all everybody wanted to talk about last year, this seems to have died down pretty fast as well.

It all started after retailer started running out of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones to sell. Those that wanted one couldn’t get their hands on the phone and eventually, people stop looking for it. There were talk that Google might have killed off the Pixel and Pixel XL and that they have stopped manufacturing them but is that really the case?

While Google is having some issues with restocking the devices, 9TO5Google reported that Google is still working on manufacturing more of the Pixel XLa nd that their retailers should be getting more stock soon.

While it is nice to know that Google is working on it, will the consumers still want it now that the newer phones like the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are arriving?

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