Google Pixel: Google Cave Under The Pressure

When Apple and Samsung were demanding a high price for their smartphone, the Google Nexus devices were like a breath of fresh air. Unlike most of the devices of out there, the Google Nexus devices were great but came without the huge price tag but that all change with the new Pixel devices.

Both the Google Pixel and Pixel XL were sold as a premium model which means those looking for an affordable model will have to look somewhere else now. Fans were hoping that Google would come out with a cheaper model this year but Google has already made it clear that they will not be releasing a cheaper version of the Pixel device as well.

The consumers were unhappy with Google’s change of direction but we can’t say that we did not see it coming. We knew that Google wanted a piece of the premium pie when they release the Nexus 6P and it made sense that they went from there to here.

Do you think Google made the right move by ditching their affordable plan?

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