Google Nexus 6: Where To Buy?

The latest Google Nexus 6 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones right now but it is unfortunate to learn that the device can be really hard to find if you are living in the UK

This is disappointing for UK consumers as Google promised the Nexus 6 to arrive back in November but that has failed to happen. A second tip suggested the first week of December but that also failed to materialize.

Well, it appears that the Nexus 6 is already here in the UK but the smartphone is still pretty limited in numbers. Only a few retailers and carriers are selling the device and they include O2, Carphone Warehouse, GiffGaff, Tesco, Google Play Store, Amazon and Argos.

O2, in particular, is only selling the Nexus 6 32GB midnight blue model for £479. Carphone Warehouse, on the other hand, is selling the white model for £499 without contract. On contract, consumers will have to pay £33 monthly. Similar to O2, GiffGaff is selling the midnight blue Nexus 6 for £499. Then there is Tesco Mobile that is selling the Nexus 6 with a contract for £35 a month.

Of course, there is never a better place to shop for the Nexus 6 than on Google Play Store. There, the smartphone is being offered with midnight blue only as all the other models are out of stock.

As for both Amazon and Argos, the retailers are tipped by Google as among the many online shops that sells the Nexus 6. On the downside of things, both Amazon and Argos have yet to list the smartphone on their website.

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