Google Nexus 6: No Reason To Hope

Ever since Google release the Nexus 6 device, fans have been hoping that there will be a day when Google will bring out a device that is as amazing as the Google Nexus 6 is but so far, Google have not done that.

The new Google Pixels smartphones are amazing but fans instantly notice that some of the best features of the Nexus 6 smartphone did not make a comeback. Fans were also furious when Google decided not to offer the wireless charging feature on the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P model.

At this point, it does not seems like Google is interested in releasing a device like a Nexus 6 in the future but with how good the Google Nexus 6 is, they could still hang in there for a few more years and wait and see if the other manufacturer has something better to offer.

What is your take on Google’s smartphone direction right now?

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