LG G Flex 3: Did LG Make The Wrong Move

With the kind of response they got from the LG G Flex 2, we could see why LG would feel that the LG G Flex 3 was not worth the effort especially when they have the V20 to back them up now but the fact is that fans were still waiting for the Flex 3 and they were disappointed when LG did not offer one last year.

One of the reasons why the LG G Flex 2 got so much hate was because the fans wanted a device that came with a large display screen so when LG decided to reduce the size of the display, the fans were not too happy about that but they still seems to be a fan of the curved display that LG had going on.

Some people were hoping that we might see it at CES this year but that did not happen. With LG now focusing on the LG G6, it does not seem like the LG G Flex 3 will ever see the light.

Do you think LG made the right move by killing off the LG G Flex 3 or should they give it another try?

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