Google Nexus 5X: Google’s Only Partially At Fault

It is clear that the Google Nexus 5X is not Google’s proudest moment. While many blame Google for giving the Google Nexus 5X such a high price and an ugly design, others blame LG for the downfall of the Nexus 5X.

While it is true that a lot of people were not pleased with the new price tag of the Nexus 5X, most fans would have gotten it if it were not for the boot looping issue that seems to keep surfacing with LG devices.

Like the LG G4 and the Nexus 5X was also affected by the boot loop issue. LG later acknowledge the problem and even offered a fix for the issue but the damage has been done. Most people were not willing to pay so much to get a phone that might boot loop at any time.

The users were also not too happy with the performance of the device.

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