Google Nexus 5: Developers Got Its Back!

We don’t blame Google for dropping the Google Nexus 5 from their software update list. The device is a few years old now most smartphone manufacturer will stop supporting the smartphone once it hits the two-year mark.

However, even though the Nexus 5 will not be getting any support from Google, the developers still has their back. If you really would like to try out the latest operating system, there are tons of custom ROMs out there that will allow you to upgrade your device on your own.

A lot of Nexus 5 users have reported that despite the smartphone being a few years old. It still works fine and that they are still very happy with it. The only reason why they would want to upgrade to a newer phone is because of the outdated software but thanks to custom ROMs like Hammerhead or CAF, they can now hold on to the Nexus 5 for a little longer. Protection Status