Google Gives Android Wear 2.0 Its Own Apps

It is clear that the hype for smartwatches has been dying down and people seems less interested in smartwatches right now. Google is hoping that with all the upgrades the Android Wear 2.0 will come with, the fans will turn around once more.

One of the biggest changes with the Android Wear 2.0 is that the OS will now allow the smartwatch to run apps on its own. The standalone apps will work without the help of a companion app which is on the phone.

The standalone apps will allow users to leave their smartphone behind since everything can now be done on the smartwatch itself. Some of the new apps that we will be getting once the Android Wear 2.0 is out includes the Glide app, Foursquare as well as Lifesum.

A few smartwatch manufacturer has already expressed that they are not convinced that there is a big enough market for smartwatches right now. Hopefully the upgrade will change all that.

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