Fruit Ninja Will Have You Slashing The Air

The Fruit Ninja app was very popular back then but people soon got tired of slashing their display. Well, instead of swiping on the screen, you can now start cutting up the fruits in the air.

It has just been announced that Fruit Ninja will now join the list of PSVR games. Called Fruit Ninja VR, you are basically playing the same game but instead of swiping your fingers on the screen, all you need to do is slice the air now.

The game will cost $14.99 and of course, you will need to have the PSVR headset to get going. Unlike the app, the bombs in the Fruit Ninja VR can be deflected and juggled.

As nice as that sound, we don’t see why people would want to pay $14.99 to slash fruits. Check out the Gameplay Trailer for Fruit Ninja VR and tell us what you think.

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