2015 Fisker Ford Mustang Arrives Sans The Karma

Henrik Fisker is never a stranger when it comes to producing great designs for a sports car. The lad has already created history by designing the Aston Martin DB9 and DBS. There are also many other vehicles that Fisker has left his thumbprint on.

Now, it is a totally new project for Fisker. For those that have witnessed the LA Auto Show last week, then you must have seen the Fisker’s Ford Mustang. The vehicle was developed by Fisker, with the aid of Galpin Auto Sports.

Unlike the original Mustang, Frisker’s idea of the sports car comes with an elongated hood with two massive intakes, a carbon-fiber hexagonal grille, re-sculpted fenders, a new decklid with integrated rear spoiler, and a beefy rear diffuser.

Every little detail of the customized Mustang is measured to channel airflow, thus improving the car’s handling and performance. Frisker also utilized fully adjustable suspension and a V-8 supercharger that develops a whopping 725hp.

Frisker has done an amazing job in developing the Mustang and he does manage to appeal to his fans too. Power aside, we do like how Frisker’s Mustang look like as it has a styling that blends classiness and sportiness together.

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