Ford F-150 & Mustang Will Look Out For Pedestrian Soon

To make sure the Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang is safer in the future, Ford will be adding on a new pedestrian detection system on both models this fall.

According to Ford, the vehicle will be given a new bumper mounted radar and a windshield-mounted camera to complete the Pedestrian Detection system. The system will scan the path ahead for pedestrians and will alert the driver if it detects anything. If the driver fails to response, the system will automatically apply the brakes to stop the vehicle from hitting the pedestrians.

So how does the system differentiate between a tree or a person? Well, the system is taught to recognize a pedestrian shape. Ford added that the headlight of the vehicle will be enough for the system.

Ford will also be offering the system in their 2018 Ford Fiesta for Europe. The F-150 will be getting the system in August this year while the Mustang will get it a few months later in November.

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